If you have been busy with the day-to-day operation of your business, then it may be time to step back and perform a brand analysis. During this high-level look at your business, you may discover several areas directly impacting your marketing efforts. Here are some key ideas that you may want to consider during a brand analysis.

Define Your Brand's Building Blocks

Your brand is unique, but it is easy to lose your brand's voice during daily operations. CXL explains, stepping back and doing a strategic analysis of your brand allows you to recognize your brand's voice and if you are being true to it. It can also help you set specific, measurable, relevant and timely goals for your business' internet marketing based on the overall goals of your business. A strategic analysis is also a great time to examine the overall user experience to make sure that you are keeping it aligned with the goals and objectives of your brand.

Understand What Sets Your Company Apart

BrandWatch recommends doing a comparison with others in your industry to discover what sets your company apart from its competitors. These are your company's unique marketing propositions, so make sure that you are employing them regularly to show your targeted audience what sets you apart. You should determine how your company is uniquely positioned to solve your targeted audience problems in a way that can be quantified with statistics. This part of your analysis should show why your company is the best option for solving real problems.

Acknowledge Customer Expectations

You may have a great idea, but if you are not meeting your customer's expectations at each step of the sales funnel, then you will still not be successful. During a brand analysis, take the time to research why your most loyal customers are buying from you. According to Word Counter, you should use content to strike up a conversation with your customers. By asking questions and interacting with your audience, you’re better able to get an understanding of what they want from you. Consider how customers are becoming aware of your company, what resources you are providing to allow them to compare your company to your competitors, how you are showing that your products do a better job of addressing their pain points and your company's unique value proposition.

There are several times during your company's lifespan that you will want to do a brand analysis. Consider doing the first one when you first launch your company so that you establish a benchmark to measure other research by as your company grows. Then, think about doing another one each time that your company launches a new product line. Finally, if your sales are not what you expected, then do another one to find possible reasons and to see how you can rectify the situation.

Although advertising and PR sometimes get put together, they can be wildly different aspects of company growth and brand management. You need to be leveraging your PR in how your brand is perceived by the public. If you’re finding that difficult to implement, we totally understand, and that’s why we’re here to help! Check out today how you can have a better brand and bring in more sales!

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