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SEO My Business has over 25 years of experience and has managed hundreds of Search Engine Optimization campaigns for the Southeast's most well known companies. SEO My Business has built a reputation for delivering incredible Return On Investment (ROI) for your internet marketing dollars. Our job is to deliver new business leads in the form of phone calls, online contacts & online purchases. Most SEO companies will be very   happy to show examples of a client's top 20 rankings and regard that as sufficient evidence of their firms ability. Does paying $500-$1500 for only 20 or 30 keywords indexed on Google’s first page really seem like a good investment? Most SEO firms don’t sell performance, they simply help you get on the first page of Google and then wave good-bye. How do you think you’ll feel after spending all of that money if you don’t get any phone calls?

Atlanta Search Engine Marketing SEO Company Atlanta

Search Engine Optimization is not as complicated as it may seem. It is defined as the process of increasing the number of visitors to a specific website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of search engine results. Search engines include a combination of organic and Pay-Per-Click (PPC or paid) search results every time someone “Googles” a keyword or phrase. Organic results are the unpaid, natural listings that appear when a search engine determines your website is relevant and related to the keyword search performed. PPC search allows companies to pay to have their websites displayed in search results each time a certain word is Googled. One common belief about SEO that is NOT correct: spending money on PPC will "help" your organic ranking.


Atlanta SEO CompanyIncreasing Your ROI Is Our Top Goal

We have been providing Atlanta area small & mid sized businesses the very best SEO & Internet Marketing services for 10 years. We understand that each company is unique so we take the time to understand what drives revenue for your business before we even begin the research phase. Our in depth research includes all on page and off page elements of your website so we know how much authority Google gives your domain. Once we know how healthy your site is from an SEO perspective we move into an analysis of the competition that ranks in front of you and learn all we can about the SEO tactics they are using. 

What Makes Us Different? SEO Company Near Me

SEO My Business uses customized tools to determine how Google views your website and uncover hidden technical issues that are prohibiting all pages from being indexed. We are the local experts when it comes to the technical side of SEO and can unlock the hidden potential of your sites ability to rank well. If your current SEO company doesn’t report things like pages indexed, crawl rate and search analytics, it’s time to make a change. Understanding how Google works and making sure your website is “search engine friendly” is what truly sets SEO My Business apart from most other area                                                                                      SEO firms.


Understanding How Google Works Is The Key To SEO:

At SEO My Business we have experts that understand how each individual component of the SEO strategy impacts overall ranking. We address site structure and site architecture first to ensure the proper navigation is in place to maximize each pages ability to compete in the search results. From there we test and monitor the on page optimization of each page within your website on an ongoing basis and adjust accordingly. We have experts in on site usage who will help improve CTR to your pages and measure user engagement to continue to improve organic rank over time.

Atlanta SEO Deliverable List

Strategy Development:

Developing the overall strategy of your SEO campaign is the first step to success. This is the stage where we brainstorm the target audience, keywords, competitors, and content for the campaign. Each aspect requires specialized attention and expertise that we are more than qualified to provide.

Keyword Research:

We will spend time researching the optimal keywords that will help drive more online traffic to your company’s website. Once we have developed a calculated, superior list of keywords, we can start incorporating them into website copy, PPC ads, etc.

Competitive Analysis:

Using our unique keyword programming apps, we can analyze your competitors’ most used keywords and start applying those words to your strategy to boost traffic. We will also keep track of competitors’ search rankings, social media traffic and other marketing tactics in order to ensure your company stays ahead.  

Link Building:

We create quality links that are relevant to your website, brand, and keywords in order to build trusting relationships between your company and Search Engines. Our methods allow us to locate specific audiences on the web and secure genuine, relevant links that increase search results and boost sales.

SEO Copywriting:

Our experienced copywriters know how to create engaging content for any type of SEO campaign. Writing for web pages is different from writing copy for news or print magazines - certain factors must be taken into consideration. Use of keywords, bullet points, and subheadings are essential. Simplicity and brevity are also valuable things to keep in mind when structuring page layout.

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