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It seems that every company that sold advertising over the last decade is now selling Pay Per Click services to their client base. Add to that the hundreds of companys that have grown out of the change in usage from traditional forms of lead generation like yellow pages to search engines like Google. The outcome has been nothing short of total chaos for the business owner. Every sales person that calls has a “better” way of managing a pay per click campaign than the rest of the sales people calling. That of course is the problem, they are all sales people that could no more set up and manage an adwords campaign than the business owner they are calling on.

Adwords is a highly targeted and very sophisticated form of online advertising that requires so much attention to details and constant optimization as to almost make it impossible for a novice to be successful. Finding a truly qualified adwords professional is one of the more difficult things I have done for many of my clients. It is part science and part art and requires constant education in order to stay at the leading edge of PPC management.

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