Atlanta PPC Company

Atlanta PPC Company

What You Need To Know Before Hiring An Atlanta PPC Company

It is one thing to find an Atlanta PPC company but working with a firm that is highly experienced with PPC advertising or pay-per-click is more important. Just so you know, adopting PPC as an online advertising model is more than just setting up ads for goods and services and getting them displayed alongside search results on search engines like Google. Basically, you are seeking to connect with people entering relevant queries online to find your product or service.

So, before you set out to find an Atlanta PPC company for your business, here are some important factors you need to put into consideration.


All you need to structure and establish a relevant ad is finding relevant small groups of keywords and using them to create tightly themed ad groups. Let the PPC firm you are working with know the relevant keywords you are targeting. Bear in mind that each keyword, as contained in each ad group, must be relevant to the ad text you are creating.


In a bid to establish an easy to use campaign structure, there is the need to ensure relative simplicity. As a matter of fact, your Atlanta PPC company will be managing your campaign on a daily basis. While it’s good you monitor your campaign yourself, you can make the process more effective by ensuring that the campaign structure established by your agency is both intuitive and manageable. This will allow you to better identify progress made and the necessary steps to take needed to correct any inefficiency.

About the Google Network

When it comes to using the Google Network, you need to be smart. By default, all campaigns are automatically included into the full network by Google Adwords. The network is basically a collection of several sites including Display Network sites, and partner sites of such as and

If you are just getting started with little or no experience, it is best for you to opt out of the Google Display network. In a bid to get your ads displayed across thousands of sites, thousands of impressions will be incurred by the Display Network. Obviously, this is not recommended for businesses working with a constrained budget.

Apart from depleting your budget, the network can even compromise your visibility on the Google website. But once you have got a PPC company in Atlanta that have garnered initial experiences from the Google Search network, then you can revisit this tactic which can be very efficient at providing traffic. However, there is the need for careful selection of keyword and ad text that is specifically designed for your ad placement.

User local searches

By default, your campaign will be nationally set live by Google Adwords. Customizing Location Targeting in Google Adwords is often a good practice of local merchants providing services to certain geographic locations. Obviously, you can use local searches to your own advantage.

Check your options

There are options specific to certain devices, ad scheduling, and language targeting. Verify if your campaign is properly set up by clicking into your campaign setting.


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